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What is the Mediterranean Diet?

When life gets tough, the tough get going right?

Here are a few of my favourite sayings I use to lift myself when things are looking bleak.

A few key sayings to keep you looking upward and forward:

Patience and understanding makes each day more enjoyable than the last.

Remember nothing will stand in our way of success.

Survivors only survive, overcomes progress.

Respect is earned, not just given.

Happy life, healthy heart.

Be focused, Be positive.

Together we achieve.

Janelle Tanzer




#101’s of Life

#Small gestures are worth more than Huge intensions

#Particular nasty weather; tickle your arse with a feather – Listening is Important

#Treat her like a nag & that’s just what you’ll end up with

#The postman delivers mail, the milkman delivers milk – what do I deliver each day to my family?

#Blow out a candle and it becomes dark; blow out a marriage & all will be empty and broke

#Possessions will be gone in a blink of an eye, but true friendship lasts a life time

#The flame that once was, can be blazing again. It just takes perspective and yielding

#Think before speaking as there is life or death in the power of the tongue

#Generosity breeds humility, Greed breeds selfishness

#It’s not the places we go, but the fact we go together

#Be a great example. Children learn by seeing not hearing

#Amazing leaders, lead & are willing to get their hands dirty; bosses dictate from a far

#Success is measured by the impact you leave on others not how much you have in your back pocket

#Wanting harmony in your marriage may require a new melody to be played

Janelle Tanzer




Thoughts from last year – 2016

Every new year we make resolutions that we may keep for a week or two or even a month then we return to old habits.

Making a plan, locking in dates helps to achieve lifestyle changes.

The world is full of givers or takers, make a conscience effort in 2016 to be a giver – a friend.

Each week, pick a particular day, mark it on your diary planner or whatever app you use, set a 24 hour reminder to ‘Be A Friend’.    There are only 52 weeks in the year, how many friendly things can you do for someone?

BUT…remember to give something to yourself. Either put aside $1 per day or $5 per week and each month treat yourself to lunch a new outfit or save for a holiday.

be a friend

Be A Friend Ideas

  1. Cook a meal for a neighbour or friend
  2. Give a random person flowers
  3. Call that person you’ve been meaning too
  4. Write a poem/song for a loved one
  5. Pay for a random person’s fuel
  6. Mow a neighbours lawn or bring in their bins
  7. Take a coffee to a work colleague
  8. Leave a thank you note to the waitstaff
  9. Invite a family for dinner
  10. Pay for an elderly person’s groceries
  11. Visit a friend, take morning tea
  12. Spoil that special person with dinner, movie or draw a fragrant bath.

That’s three months done already…it may not always cost money but it will cost you something to give!

Pick a day of the week and start with one individual: random person, neighbour, family, work colleague.

Janelle Tanzer