The Easy Plan – Our Weight Management Program

What We Offer

Health care goes beyond shakes, supplements & gym training. Our revolutionary real food 6 week challenge incorporates our signature health strategy of *Health*Education*Nutrition (HEN) which offers simple and easy lifestyle gains with support, education and specifically designed meals to achieve health goals. Valued at over $590.00.




Initial 1-hour health check

2-week body balance and detox

Weekly weigh in and measurements

Health journal

Blood testing

Blood pressure monitoring

Blood glucose monitoring

Work together with PT, GP or other

Improve your health and well being


Goal setting

Portion control

What are free vegetables/fruit?

Learn about your body type

Understand the best time to eat particular foods and why

Do you really need supplements?

4 free email discussions

Motivational tips

Free access to lending library

Which foods help heal your body

Menu plans eating real food

Weekly recipes

Weight loss tracking via an app

Weight management tips

Choices to suit your taste

Intermittent fasting?

Family friendly

Here is a sneak peak!

The Easy Plan helps YOU to Feel Good, takes the stress out of meal planning, helps you to reach weight goals, saves money and time!!!

Our revolutionary real food 6 week challenge will change your life, literally!

Designed by our qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist

Why you need The Easy Plan?

Kick start your metabolism

To balance hormones

Discuss and manage ongoing health problems

Weight loss – maintenance

Easy way to change meal habits

Increase knowledge of your health

Boost your physical condition

Restore energy

Improve sleep

Reduce stress

Let me be your health coach, cheer squad and motivator.
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