Who we are

Your health is about more than just supplements and treatments because we care about you!

At Feel Good Naturopathy we know how frustrating it is to have a health complaint.  We know that having a health issue significantly impacts the way that you live your life. It stops you from enjoying things like you used to, or might even stop you from doing things altogether. It causes worry and uncertainty that plays on your mind, causing stress and tension. Therefore health care needs to extend beyond treating or managing symptoms.

Our aim is to heal the whole of you so that your symptoms subside for good. Whether you see a naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, under the care of a GP and/or specialist let us together uncover the issues making you unwell. We are passionate about assisting you, as an individual, to reach your full potential through good health. Wholistic health completes the body, mind and spirit.

We care about you and your health journey back to optimal wellbeing. We specialise in people reaching their full potential by investigating underlying health issues with our unique diagnostic techniques and connect which body systems are not functioning properly and together as a whole for the body to be at peak performance.

We believe it takes more than supplements to align the body and this is why we have a multiphase method addressing every symptom we can. Working through illness and becoming transparent are a couple key steps of healing along with education and life’s little adjustments.

The old saying Rome wasn’t built in a day is very true when it comes to healing the natural and safe way.

I understand only too well illness and emotional challenges.  Right from the start, life was a struggle. I was adopted out, had various illnesses, abused and was headed down the wrong road of life.  Depression, low self confidence, eating challenges and more crept into my world.  There are potholes along the way however we choose at the crossroads where and what next venture will be. My life has radically been transformed, body, mind and spirit. Over the past 20 years it has been a privilege to speak into many people’s lives, guide individuals and see transformations.  My previous messy life has become a message of hope to others.  I am happy to say I have a loving husband of 25+years and I have three beautiful grown up children and take pleasure in every single day.  My passion has always been to help people, training and serving in different industries however my purpose is to help you Feel Good in every aspect of health, essential to living a happy and long life.