My Story

Over time many people have asked, why did I choose to study Naturopathy.

Three reasons:
Our garden, 
My husband and
Life skills.
Simply put:
?Secrets into Success,
?Trials into Triumph,
?Mess into a Message. 

By offering hope and healing with the necessary tools to help others that are walking along a path, I’ve once journeyed.
Life can make you bitter or better, it’s your choice.

My book that I never seem to finish called ‘A Life Worth Living,’ is broken up into chapters, mini stories you may say, to give the reader a sense of victory, confidence to continue and never give up. Textbooks can teach us many things but does not offer personal experience.

Some day I’ll finish writing (I know I don’t have all the answers) but in the meantime, I pray my work has an impact in many lives. ??
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