Are you suffering from toxic overload?

We are exposed every day in one way shape or form to environmental toxins. 4/5 senses can be penetrated without us even knowing about it.
?Sight – microscopic organisms can irritate our eyes.
?Taste – whether we wear products on our lips to the food we eat even to being a mouth breather.
??Smell – fumes both pleasant or unpleasant, smoke and inhaling viruses/bacteria after another has sneezed.
???Touch – surfaces come in contact with, cleaning without gloves, gardening, even walking across grass barefooted where product has just been applied.
??Hearing – the soft tissue of our outer ear can be susceptible to infections from a number of factors.

☢️Are you suffering from toxic overload?
☢️Are you exposing yourself to harmful chemicals to clean your home or work space?

✨Symptoms may include:
Brain fog
Sensitivity to tastes and smells
Muscular aches
Skin reactions
Itching or peeling skin
Hormone irregularity
Fertility troubles
Increased internal body temp not related to menopausal hot flushes
Weight fluctuations
Unexplained abdominal pain

✨Here are 13 ways to help your body to detoxify and cleanse.

✨Give yourself a goal of say 2 weeks and feel how different you feel before and after.

1. Ditch the sugar and artificial sweeteners.
2. Remove processed foods, those packaged products.
3. Go organic.
4. ACV every day. 10ml diluted into 250ml water.
5. Try skin brushing either dry or in the shower a few times per week.
6. Coconut oil pull.
7. Get outdoors and move your body at least 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.
8. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
9. Take a Milk Thistle supplement to support your liver.
10. Probiotics are ideal however fermented foods not so much if you have excessive candida.
11. Reduce stress.
12. Use natural cleaning products and good ole elbow grease.
13. Listen to your Naturopath and your body.

✔️Do you want to learn more about cleansing your system or even a simple urine test for toxicity?
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Janelle Tanzer 

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