What we do

At Feel Good Naturopathy we love life and want you to also. Our goal is to understand your diagnosis and give you the right tools to obtain better health. To achieve this we offer a range of services

  • Massage – Massage therapy helps to relax the mind and heal the body. We offer lymphatic drainage massage and relaxation (Swedish) massage. Treatments will be discussed during the consultation.
  • Workshops – A practical and fun way to learn or re-energize skills and incorporate into every day life including the family. Held regularly so keep an eye out.
  • Stress Less program – Understanding the steps to manage stress and feel the freedom of reduced pressure is what this program is all about. This is a self-paced supported system for you to enjoy life at your best.
  • Lending library – knowledge is power, power to take control of your health. Whether reading for yourself or supporting another there is not better way understanding and overcoming illness.

Natural health care was around long before conventional medicine and has helped to shape our health system today thanks to the likes of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. Natural therapies work with balancing your own body and assisting healing from within.

Natural therapies are fast becoming a highly sought after avenue to improving your health, because they work! Natural therapies are based on tradition, but science is proving their effectiveness through more trials and clinical studies every day.
For some people a single therapy helps, others may require a combination of treatments works best.  It all depends on what is the underlying cause. For example, we find that the fastest results for migraine sufferers are found when combining massage along with dietary changes from our naturopath.
Our practitioner is trained to find you the assistance which will work best for you, and may suggest other therapies in conjunction with, or instead of your chosen treatment if they think that you will get faster and more long lasting results this way.