Lymphatic Massage  Lymphatic massage assists the lymph system to stimulate blood flow, reduce fluid retention and clear built up toxins within the system.   This is a very gentle massage that is suitable for all ages.

Swedish Massage  Swedish massage is a gentle relaxation tissue manipulation reducing stress, tight muscles, improve circulation & assist with emotional health.

What should I expect?  Massage releases tension and knotted muscles where build up of metabolic waste accumulates, causing poor blood circulation. During each session, muscles will be stretched and connective tissue separated dispersing this waste in a gentle manner improving health and healing.  The therapist will always construct a treatment plan for your massage prior to receiving treatment detailing areas to be worked on in each session.  A variety of mediums are used including the luxurious almond and coconut oils. Please inform us if you have a nut allergy upon scheduling an appointment.

How will I feel afterwards?  Most commonly people feel a little tired, relaxed and loose after a Swedish massage. It is unusual to feel stiff or sore unless the muscle fibres have been worked on in a specific area for a period of time due to injury.  It important to drink plenty of water to flush out the body systems increasing the benefit of Swedish massage.

How often should I schedule in a massage?  There is no set rule, every person is different with varying requirements however it is most beneficial to have a follow up shortly after the initial appointment.  The therapist will guide you with an agreed plan providing you with the best care and desired outcome. 

Full back massage – 30 mins (includes, back, shoulder and neck). 

Full body massage – 1 hour (includes, full back, abdomen, arms legs and feet).

Full feet treatment – 15-20 mins (includes peppermint foot spa, pumice finished off with peppermint feet to ankle massage. From The Body Shop – foot range).

Please ensure you allow enough time for brief consultation and dressing when booking your appointment