Iridology is a non-invasive health assessment enabling a more informed decision to nutrition, physical activity and environmental factors.

They say “The eyes are the window to the soul” which holds some truth revealing your health and passed generations health in your iris.

What to expect during the assessment? The initial consultation will be an informative discussion of general health your expectation of outcome. We look into one eye at a time making notations for further investigation. Family history, lifestyle choices and even emotions are revealed in the iris which together we talk through developing a strategy for optimal health.

Do you put anything in my eyes? No.  We use specialised equipment designed to light up the iris along with a snap shot for reviewing progress of health changes.

How often will I need to book an appointment?  This is dependant upon findings.  Once lifestyle choices have been established and maintained regular appointments are ideal to evaluate overall health along with manifesting iris changes.

Everyone’s iris is unique likened to a finger print – you are an individual, one of a kind, unique in every way. Even the right and left iris hold differences.